Tim’s biryani

Hi everyone! ?

It’s curry time, yay! This recipe is a very special South African curry, you cannot find it anywhere else, only here and at Tim’s house. Why is it special, you ask? The answer is surprising, my good friend Timothy was born there, and because he came up with this recipe I guess. (So yeah, the credit is not mine, although I’ve had to modify the recipe a little bit, I will tell you later why is that.) I have known him for more than 6 years and one thing was always clear to me, he is a really good cook. He is very passionate about food, and he loves fixing things. You should see him when something is broken and he gets to fix it. Oh man, his face brightens up, his smile is huge, his engine starts working and I swear, you can see the calculations his running in a bubble above his head. Also, he starts speaking in a mixed language, Zulu+English, and sometimes he shows a little Hungarian too. Yes, my days at work are not boring at all, and that’s the beauty of it. πŸ™‚

Honestly, when he told me about his curry, I was really excited about it, I thought I would need some special skills to cook it, and I wasn’t wrong. Although it’s not what you think, no I didn’t have to ask for a visa to go to South Africa, or go to find a special store to gather some ingredients. Nope. I’d rather need a special pair of glasses to read this recipe. He cooked the curry and wrote down the recipe on a paper and he took a photo about it and sent it over to me. Ohh boy, at first I thought I losing my sight, or something wrong with my mobile, or I just simply lost the ability to understand English (which happens sometimes ??) but this time I felt myself like Sherlock Holmes, only I am a girl so it’s rather Charlotte Holmes. I spent a week to try to figure out what was in the recipe, I did some serious detective work with it. I have figured out the ingredients, but the method was still blurry in every mean. I followed the recipe until I could and then I did what I had to do, improvised and I slightly modified a few things, made it a one-pot meal, but overall this is still Tim’s recipe and it’s delicious and flavourful!

Here is the original recipe if you up to the challenge ?? Let’s the scavenger hunts begin:

The amount of the ingredients are enough for up to 6 people, so bare this in mind before you start to cook it.

The recipe:

2 onions, chopped

1,5 kg chicken breast, chopped for bigger pieces

5 potatoes , chopped for bigger cubes

1 pepper, chopped

3 garlic, chopped

3 chillies, chopped

25 gr butter

250 gr mushroom, chopped

360 gr rice

2 chicken cubes

1 teaspoon of turmerick

1 tbs of cumin

2 tbs of curry powder

200 gr lentils

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

salt, pepper, olive oil


First, chop everything you possibly can, keep your fingers attached to your hand though ?βœ‹onions, chillies, pepper, garlic, potato ( keep the potato in a bowl with water in it), chicken breast, and keep everything near to the stove.

Get a big oven proof pot with lid and preheat that on medium heat. Put your butter and olive oil in there and add your chicken breast and saute them until they got white (the original recipe says brown it, but there will be 2 hours oven time so just make it white) and you can cut them in half with your spatula.

Take out the breast from the pot and set them aside until you need them.

You will find some liquid left in your pot, just reduce it until you can see the butter again. Now add your onions, soften it for few minutes, add more butter if need it.

Add the garlic and chillies to your onions, stir it for few minutes and then add your pepper and mushrooms. Sprinkle some salt on it and mix it through.

Add your spices, chopped tomatoes, rice, lentils, dissolved stock cubes, potatoes and chicken breasts to it.

Mix it well, and pour water in it, the water has to be 1 inch above from the mixture.

Season it for your taste, put the lid on the pot and put the pot in the oven for 180 Celsius for approximately 2 hours. Mix through after an hour, and if your rice and potatoes are almost cooked through then place the lid back on the pot and put back into the oven for a little bit.

Yay you are done!

Enjoy your meal! πŸ™‚


I used vegetable stock cubes as I have forgot to buy the chicken one. It still delicious!

I’d cut out the seeds of the chillies, so my curry was mild, keep your seeds in if you want more heat.

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