Lasagne with honey and mustard salad

Hi everyone!

I hope you all OK, and have a lazy Saturday. I was planning to do some work around the house, when my daughter just came down from the upstairs to give me some company. Well, that usually means that she sits down by the dinner table and playing with her phone. ? (I think this picture is quite familiar for lots of people.) This morning was a bit different though, she was full of life, she looked much happier than the other days, it was so good to see that. The reason behind it is simple, she went back to the school, met her friends, she was surrounded with people which recharged her batteries.

The situation has made me smile, as I do remember about her saying : “I’ll never go back to school, they making me learn things” ?? Oh boy, she is funny.

For celebrating her happiness we have decided to make something nice to eat, and we all agreed on Lasagne.

I would like to say sorry for the photo of the lasagne, I was so hungry by the picture time, so I rushed it out of the dish and I couldn’t wait to dig in. ?

My partner use to made the lasagnes before, but I making it since we cook only the gluten-free version. We always loved it, sometimes I cheating with a ready sauce when I am a little lazy, or just busy but normally I do everything from scratch.

The side salad is simple yet it’s so so delicious, and helps to digest easier. ?


I used my instant pot for the beef, it was ready under 20 minutes. I can’t recommend it enough, it’s a life saver for me.

The recipe:

750 gr minced beef (I bought 15% fat)

Onion (finally chopped)

2-3 garlic (finally chopped)

Salt, pepper

Oregano, basil, thyme, bay leaves

1x tin of chopped tomatoes

1x tomatoes passata

Greated cheese

Gluten-free lasagne pasta sheets

For the white sauce:

5-10gr butter

1-2tbs gluten-free flour


Salt aand pepper

First chopp the onion and garlic and add the onions to a pre heated pan (medium heat) with a small amount of oil. Soften it and add the garlic and stir it together for 1-2 minutes.

Get your beef ready and add to the onion, and saute them until the beef gets brown.

Now you can season it with salt, pepper, oregano, basil, thyme, and bay leaves and add your tomatoes in it. Stir it well together and put the lid on and simmer until the beef is done for about half an hour or so. Taste it and season it if necessary.

The white sauce: preheat a pan, put your butter in and melt it.

Add your flour and stir it constantly for few minutes.

When your flour/butter mixture is light brown or golden,

then you can start to add the milk into it slowly. Just a small amount at the time and stir it well. It’s going to be very lumpy at first, but it will be OK by the end.

Add your milk in it until you will have a good consistency of sauce, which is either not runny or not too thick. And stir the thing ?

Season it with salt and pepper.

The white sauce needs about 10-15 minutes cooking time, I try to always make that when the beef is already done, so the white sauce won’t be cold, and lumpy.


Get an ovenproof dish, and pour some beef on the bottom of your dish, then place the lasagne sheets.

Pour beef sauce on the pasta sheets, (it has to be covered with sauce) and now add some white sauce on the top.

Now pasta, beef, white sauce until you run out of pasta. The last layer, which is the top one has to be beef.

Put your assembled lasagne in the preheated oven (200 C) for about 30 minutes without covering. Test the pasta if it cooked through, if so sprinkle some greated cheese on the top and put back into the oven for an other 10 minutes, or until the cheese melts.

Yay it’s done! ??

You can make the salad while the lasagne is in the oven. At least you can munch on something, I bet you are that hungry now as I was when I was making this meal ?

The salad:

Any kind of lettuce, I used sweet gems




Onion/spring onion

Use whatever you fancy for, or you have in the fridge. ?


Mustard (I used french yellow)


Chopp everything into same/similar sizes, put them in a bowl.

pour some honey in a smaller bowl, add some mustard in it and mix well. Taste it, add more mustard or honey for your liking.

Pour some sauce onto your salad and serve it with the lasagne. The sauce is really bring everything alive.

Enjoy your delicious creation! ?


Slice some mozzarella in between the layers, it’s going to be really cheese and tasty.