Gluten-free pasta with white cabbage

Hi everyone!

I brought you something nice, something easy and cheap for today’s lunch. That’s right people, when you say you have a strict diet, it’s not necessarily mean that it should be expensive, or complicated. This pasta brings back my childhood, when I got home from school and a big bowl of pasta was on the kitchen counter waiting me to dig in. Hmm… My grandma cooked it very often for us when she had no other ideas for lunch. Her cabbage pasta was a bit different though, it was very grease but I loved it! I didn’t know that I was intolerant for gluten back then, it was a bit weird though, I wasn’t gaining any weight when I was eating pasta, or bread, it didn’t matter how much I ate of these food my blood sugar dropped down very often too. Now I know why. ?

So my goal is to bring back some memories from my childhood, and share it with you guys.

This food is really nice for those who likes sweetness and saltiness in the same time.

Please do remember the amount of the ingredients are doubled like always, so bare this in mind before you going to cook.

The recipe:

2 cabbages

2 packets of Gluten-free Tagliatalle pasta

2-3 tablespoon of sugar

4-5 tablespoon of oil

salt, pepper


First you want to slice your cabbage thinly, or use a food processor to handle this matter.

Look at the mess I made ?

Now you need to get a deep pot on medium heat. Pour the oil in alongside with the sugar. I know it sounds weird, but you have to caramelised the sugar in the oil. ? It works trust me.

When your sugar is basically is a caramel then you add your sliced cabbage and sprinkle some salt and pepper on it. Stir it through for a minute, so the salt and pepper can mix well and then put the lid on the pot. Stir it often.

Caramelised sugar
Add cabbage to the caramel

When your cabbage has collapsed about half its sized, then you should check if it’s soft. If so, then cook until it’s get brown.

Half size softened cabbage
Finished look

Cook the pasta when your cabbage is soft and brown, then mix them together, and season it as you like, with more salt and pepper.


You can put some sugar on it and it will be more sweeter in this way, and it’s really mesmerising with the black pepper and salt. To be honest the sugar thing is not my favourite at all, I rather prefer more pepper on my pasta, I think that’s rather my partner’s favourite.

So that’s it, enjoy your easy meal! ?