Hi everyone!

My name is Gabriella and I became gluten intolerant 4 years ago, which was a nightmare for the first time. I didn’t know what to eat, which brand is the best and not so expensive. It was a hard time for me (and for my family 🙂 ) and then it turned out this is not as bad as I thought for the first time. So, I’ve decided to take a chance and create this blog to help for all, who is suffering from celiac, or living the life as gluten intolerant, also has not much money to spend on to weekly groceries. I hope this blog is going to be helpful!

The cooking is my dearest hobby on the Earth, when I was creating or modifying these recipes I did that to myself and my family, so be aware of the ingredients what you are about to use as it may trigger your symptoms. It happened to me not once when I was eating a particular food that I thought it’s gluten-free and it turned out otherwise. I’ve had a few hurtful day or night… ?